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Thank you to our SPONSORS


Clinger Holsters is nationally known for crafting the most comfortable gun holsters Americans have ever experienced. Plus, Clinger Holsters are highly sought after for their incredible concealment qualities.


People that love concealed carry insist on a holster that is adjustable and versatile. That is why so many shooters gravitate toward Clinger. Groundbreaking innovations such as their “Gear Holster” can be utilized for behind-the-hip, appendix, or even cross-draw carry. 


Clinger Holsters has won awards, accolades, and positive reviews from industry titans such as Shooting Illustrated, Gun Digest, and Concealed Carry Mag.


Clinger has a passion for delivering comfortable holsters that inspire law-abiding citizens to carry their firearms more often. When more good guys carry their pistols everyday, America is a safer place. View products here.

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