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Single Review: Jacob Bryant - "Amen"

Jacob Bryant is certainly no stranger to country music fans.

Since 2014, Bryant has made tremendous impact with songs such as “This Side of Sober,” “Country Went to Hell,” “Practice What I Preach,” and more! His mostly autobiographical catalog has combined with his raw, rough around the edges vocals to give him a truly honest feel.

However, as much success as he’s already had so far in his career, 2022 is providing him with even bigger accolades that are quickly elevating his status. His newest album Bar Stool Preacher has earned incredible media buzz, he made his Grand Ole Opry debut earlier this year, and he’s now sending “Amen” to country radio.

With his first official release to radio in his career, Bryant delivers a moodiness that leans against heavy use of vibey organ within its instrumentation during the onset of the song that then fuses into piano strikes and darker toned guitar riffs to set the overall tone perfectly and fit the music backdrop against the connotation of the lyrics and his naturally gravel infused vocals.

Autobiographically, Bryant sings us through different life altering moments that he’s negatively experienced such as falling into the trap of the Nashville music machine, ending up in jail (something he’s also touched on previously with “25 in Jail”), etc.

While the song is initially about straying away from the straight and narrow and landing somewhere that you never wanted to be, Bryant craftily adds a heightened depth when he flips the script and punches us into the chorus where it’s revealed that during these down moments, he discovers a realization of the change that he needs to make in his life as he cries out in prayer like fashion:

“Ohh my mother take me to the river and wash away all my sins

Baptize me in the rushing water, let me begin again

Father won't you hear my cry, save my weary soul

I'm tired of runnin', I’m tired of hiding it's time for me to come home

And I prayed Amen Amen Amen!”

There’s always a natural, southern rock feel that’s built into his uniquely branded style of country and this song is no different. However, where everything else at radio right now seems to be leaning further into the pop realm, Bryant refreshingly comes in with something completely different in comparison which will help him stand out that much more at radio and gain major traction while continuing to ride the substantial amount of buzz he’s already earned into the second half of the year.

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