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Jacob Bryant Releases “Devil & An Old Six String”

Jacob Bryant released “Devil & An Old Six String” today, which gives a sneak peek into the album he will be releasing on January 14.

Music has always been a part of the singer’s life, and his family influenced his musical journey greatly. Bryant’s grandparents played in a bluegrass band growing up, and they’d all sit on the back porch and play music on the weekends.

With a growing interest in playing guitar, Bryant’s dad took him to a pawn shop when he was eight years old, to look at the selection. His dad said, “Well, if you really want to do it, I’ll buy you a guitar, and we’ll go from there.” Bryant learned a couple of chords and never looked back.

When he got older, the singer eventually started playing gigs and moved into larger nightclubs, but decided to take his career seriously two years after his mom passed away. He realized he couldn’t sit around and mope any longer. “I know she would want me to go out and follow my dream.” He’s definitely made an impact since then, with millions of streams on Spotify and a recently-signed deal with Thirty Tigers.

Bryant’s latest single is autobiographical and depicts a battle between good and evil. He described the notion of living an outlaw/wild lifestyle, but also having an angel on your shoulder.

“Knowing who God is and being a Christian,” he began, “sometimes you fight that demon a little bit of which one you really want to do and which one you think you should do. “

Bryant teamed up with Jami Grooms and his uncle David Lawson (aka “Diamond”) to pen the tune. “He’s kind of an urban legend here in North Georgia,“ he said.

Upcoming Video

The accompanying video doesn’t yet have a release date, but Bryant gave us some clues on what to expect. He said, “We kept it kinda stripped down and raw and real, like the song itself is.”

The vibe of the video is a nod to the Allman Brothers. In the outro of the song, Bryant says, “Let’s send this one out for Greg [Allman], back in Georgia.” The solo at the end was an ode to him and his band for being great influences to the Georgia artists and the southern sound that they have. “We kept the video very Allman-Brotherish,” he chuckled.

Bar Stool Preacher

Bryant spent a lot of time writing and recording during the pandemic and ended up with around 25-30 songs until he finally narrowed it down to 13. He described Bar Stool Preacher as “a little bit of everything.” The singer explained, “It was a good rendition of who I am and what I want to say. A little bit of everything, a little goulash, per se, of who Jacob Bryant is, the ups, the downs, the breakups, the addiction, the relationships, and everything.”

Whether you want to party, wallow in your sorrows, or sit on the porch and drink whiskey, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this album.


Bryant plans to release “Heartbeat” as a single prior to the release of his album. The title came to him when he first heard his daughter’s heartbeat on the monitor at the clinic. The story within the song, however, went in a completely different direction.

When Bryant sat down to write with Wyatt McCubbin and Carson Chamberlain (who wrote and produced a lot of Billy Currington’s earlier stuff) he proposed a direction he hadn’t gone in before. He told them, “Man, I really want like a good lovey-dovey kinda, light the candles, put a vinyl record player on, have a great dinner at home, kinda sexy with your old lady song.”

He mentioned how cool it is that things tend to work themselves out. “The song will be what it’s supposed to be, for sure.” His wife, of course, loves the song.

Connect with Jacob Bryant

Be sure to listen to Bar Stool Preacher when it’s released on January 14. For more information on Jacob Bryant, visit

Article from and by: Becky O'Connor

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