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February 10, 2018

Jacob Bryant releases a new single “Pour Whiskey On My Grave” which has his signature outlaw country sound. In comparison to his single “A Woman’s Touch” which was more of a deep Southern ballad, “Pour Whiskey On My Grave” takes a bold country rock edge.

The video finds Bryant riding through the country with his friends on a bunch of motorcycles, before heading to a burial. The video is shot in black and white to create a brooding atmosphere which suits the country rock feel to the single. Bryant also shows off his incredible guitar skills with a song that has a large instrumental segment with a racing electric guitar.

The song focuses on a single wish to have more of a party to celebrate a life that has passed when they go rather than mourn over the loss of a person. The message is simple and clear, don’t bring flowers, bring Jim Beam and a party.

When I’m gone, don’t bring me pretty flowers/ And don’t sit and cry for me at my tomb stone/ Come and visit me in the midnight hours/ With your party on/ Think of me and recall all the good times/ And bring your memories and a bottle of ol’ Jim Beam/ And take a swig as a haunted honkeytonk moon shines/And remember me.